ALERT - Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment

ALS - Advanced Life Support

ARCP - Annual Review of Competence Progression

Attainment of F1 Competence - Awarded to the foundation doctor at the end of F1 to indicate that the F1 competences have been successfully achieved 
(aka 5.1 form)  

BMA - British Medical Association 

BMJ - British Medical Journal

CbD - Case-based Discussion

Certificate of Experience - A mandatory form required for Full GMC Registration. Downloaded from the GMC website by the trainee and completed by the trainee’s medical school or ‘home’ deanery. It is then forwarded to the GMC 

CME - Continuing Medical Education

CMT - Core Medical Training/Trainee

COGPED - Committee of GP Education Directors 

COPMeD - Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans of the UK 

CPD - Continuing Professional Development

CST - Core Surgical Training/Trainee

CT - Clinical Tutor 

DME - Director of Medical Education 

DoH - Department of Health 

DOPs - Direct Observation of Procedural Skills 

EEA - European Economic Area

EWTD - European Working Time Directive 

F1 - Foundation Year 1/Foundation Year 1 Trainee 

F2 - Foundation Year 2/Foundation Year 2 Trainee 

FACD (aka 5.2 form) - Foundation Achievement of Competence Document. Awarded to the foundation doctor at the end of F2 to indicate that the foundation competences have been successfully achieved 

LTFT Training - Less Than Full Time Training/Part Time Training

FPD - Foundation Programme Director (aka TFPD or Trust Foundation Programme Director)

FSC - Foundation School Committee 

FSD - Foundation School Director

FSM - Foundation School Manager 

FTSTA - Fixed Term Specialist Training Appointment

GMC - General Medical Council

GP - General Practice/General Practitioner

GPST - General Practice Specialty Training

HMT - Higher Medical Training/Trainee

HST - Higher Surgical Training/Trainee

HSMP - Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

LAS - Locum Appointment for Service (not a training post)

LAT - Locum Appointment for Training (training post)

LEP - Local Education Provider

MCEM - Member of the College of Emergency Medicine

Mini-CEX - Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise 

MMC - Modernising Medical Careers 

MPET - Multi Professional Education and Training levy

MRCA - Member of the Royal College of Anaesthetists

MRCGP - Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners

MRCOG - Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

MRCOphth - Member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists

MRCP - Member of the Royal College of Physicians 

MRCPath - Member of the Royal College of Pathologists 

MRCPCH - Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health 

MRCPsych - Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 

MRCR - Member of the Royal College of Radiologists 

MRCS - Member of the Royal College of Surgeons 

MSF - Multi Source Feedback

NHS - National Health Service

OOPE - Out of Programme Experience

PRHO - Pre-Registration House Officer

QA - Quality Assurance

QAFP - Quality Assurance of the Foundation Programme

QC - Quality Control

QM - Quality Management

RITA - Record of In-Training Assessment

SHA - Strategic Health Authority

SHO - Senior House Officer

SPAs - Supporting Programmed Activities

ST - Specialty Training/Specialty Trainee 

TAB - Team Assessment of Behaviours 

TOFP - Time Out of Foundation Programme 

ToI - Transfer of Information 

TPD - Training Programme Director

UKFPO - UK Foundation Programme Office