This page contains important information about the options available in relation to your F2 year starting in August 2021.

  • F2 Rotation Swaps if you wish to swap your allocated F2 programme within the Severn Foundation School
  • F2 Special Circumstances for those who may need to change F2 rotation due to special circumstances
  • F2 Overseas if you are thinking about applying to complete F2 abroad
  • Time Out of Foundation Programme if you are thinking about taking time out of Foundation Training between F1 and F2
  • Inter Foundation School Transfers if you are considering applying for a transfer to another Foundation School for F2

Please do not submit applications for the above before the application window opens.

F2 Rotation Swaps

For the last three years, Severn Foundation School has run a Swaps Process for current F1 trainees wishing to change their F2 rotation.

Trainees interested in applying for a swap should ensure they read the F2 Swaps Policy and download the application form. Applications should be completed and returned to the Foundation School.

Please note that trainees wishing to change their F2 programme due to Special Circumstances will need to apply through the F2 Special Circumstances process.

F2 Special Circumstances

Trainees whose circumstances have changed since starting the programme and who meet the special circumstances criteria may apply to change F2 rotation due to their situation. Trainees should ensure they read the policy and guidance and complete and return the form and supporting evidence, to the Foundation School.

F2 Overseas

Severn trainees wishing to apply to undertake F2 overseas should download the relevant policy and form, complete and return to the Foundation School within the specified time frame.

GMC statement regarding Approval of Foundation Programme training outside the UK.

Further information on F2 Overseas.

Time Out of Foundation Programme (TOFP)

Severn trainees wishing to apply to take time out between F1 and F2 should download the relevant policy and form, complete and return to the Foundation School within the specified time frame.

NB – trainees applying to undertake F2 overseas DO NOT have to complete the TOFP form, only the F2 Overseas form.

Please also see our Resignation Policy.

Inter-Foundation School Transfer

Please note that the application window for this process opens in March 2021, and is mentioned here for information only.

Severn trainees wishing to apply for an Inter Foundation School Transfer should download the guidance and form from the national Foundation Programme website, complete and return to the Foundation School within the specified time frame.

In order to be considered for a Foundation School transfer, a trainee's circumstances must have changed since F1 allocation.

Trainees wishing to transfer into Severn must consult their home Foundation School in the first instance.

Application Window: Monday 15th March 2021to 12:00 midday Friday 2nd April 2021.

Stand Alone F2 Recruitment

Recruitment for F2 Stand-alone Foundation Programmes is managed by the UKFPO. Vacancies will be advertised on the Oriel recruitment system. Applications will be long-listed against the F2 person specification, and eligible candidates invited for interview. Following the interviews, appointable applicants will then be able to preference available F2 programmes. Offers will be made based on scores and preferences.


The eligibility criteria for F2 Stand-alone posts changed in 2020. Allocations at F1 level are to two-year training contracts. Trainees who have initially been allocated to two-year foundation training posts are encouraged to continue in their existing post for the duration of the programme. Foundation Programmes are balanced to ensure trainees experience a range of specialties and healthcare settings. In the past when F1 trainees have been able to apply in open competition for F2 Stand-alone posts, programmes have been disrupted and trainees have not been guaranteed to rotate through a range of placements in line with the curriculum. We have also found that the availability of training places at F2 level has often not met the expectations of current F1 trainees, particularly those seeking to move to London, as very few places arise at F2 level in the more popular locations.

The recruitment process to F2 Stand-alone posts is designed to provide a route of entry to training in the UK for doctors who graduate overseas with full registration, and would otherwise be ineligible to apply for the two-year Foundation Programme at F1 level.

F1 trainees who have had a change in personal circumstances since their initial allocation have the option to apply for an IFST. In the first instance, trainees are always encouraged to liaise with their clinical and / or educational supervisor to consider options for adjustments to programmes in line with their personal circumstances. It may be that there are mechanisms of support available within your existing foundation school and / or employing organisation that could assist your situation.

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the UKFPO team.