STEP and ToI

F1 - Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP)

All applicants to the Foundation Programme are encouraged to make full use of the process for Supporting Trainees Entering Practice (STEP) by completing the relevant form. This process is intended to support the transition from undergraduate medical education to postgraduate training and employment as a doctor. Applicants have an opportunity to share information in relation to their health, welfare, performance and skills, and professionalism. The information provided on the form is confirmed, or in some cases expanded upon, by staff at the graduating medical school, and is used by the applicant’s allocated Foundation School to ensure that new foundation doctors get the right educational and pastoral support during their two-year programme and to see if they require reasonable adjustments to complete the programme.

This form is obtained in advance of the start of the programme to allow Foundation Schools and employers time to identify suitable adjustments, if necessary, and prepare for the arrival of new foundation doctors by ensuring appropriate support mechanisms are in place. Once you know which foundation school you have been allocated to it is your responsibility to ensure that they receive your completed STEP form.

Who should complete the online STEP form?

A STEP form should be completed by all incoming foundation doctors.

UK graduates/applicants should complete the online form via the STEP portal.

Non-UK graduates and applicants who have applied via the eligibility process should complete the offline Word version of the form and email this directly to their allocated Foundation School.

F2 - Transfer of Information (ToI)

Similar to the STEP form, the Severn Foundation School requires current F1 doctors to complete a Transfer of Information questionnaire before the beginning of their F2 year. The TOI process is designed to allow foundation doctors to highlight to their Trust Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD) issues that might be relevant to their training.

The TOI process is a supportive process, aimed at allowing foundation doctors to highlight to their local educator issues that may be of relevance to their performance as a doctor, and is also one of the processes used to safeguard patient safety.

It is strongly recommended that the pre-F2 form should be completed with the help and support of the foundation doctor’s Educational or Clinical Supervisor(s).

The information contained in these forms is privileged and confidential and should not be released to any third party (including future educational supervisors) without the foundation doctor’s explicit permission. It is envisaged that the vast majority of forms will contain very little information that would cause concern and that for the majority of foundation doctors no action will be required. FTPDs may, however, receive a form containing information that requires some action. This would usually be an early meeting between the FTPD and the foundation doctor to discuss the specific problem and agree the appropriate way to proceed. In many cases this will involve informing the Educational Supervisor of the problem (with the foundation doctor’s consent).

The TOI will not be used at any point to determine future professional progress, either from F1 to F2 or subsequent to this.

The TOI form is designed to allow foundation doctors to highlight issues that they feel may be pertinent and to determine how much specific information they give in regard to each of these. It is important for foundation doctors to understand that withholding information that may impact on patient care or giving false information in regard to their academic career would be inconsistent with the GMC guidance on probity and any identification of such activity would be reportable to the GMC.

The foundation school will keep the STEP or TOI form on file until completion of foundation training; and will pass a copy to the Trust FPD at the start of an F1 or F2 post. A foundation doctor’s medical school will have access to this form upon request. The Trust should return forms to foundation doctors within a month of them starting their first post. No information will be shared with anyone else unless explicit permission has been given by the foundation doctor.