Foundation Programme Recruitment

Foundation Programme Recruitment is a national process managed by the UKFPO. Please visit the UKFPO website for more information on the recruitment process.

For more information about the Foundation programmes available in the Severn Foundation School, please see our Info for Entrants to F1 page.

Academic Foundation Programme Recruitment

Recruitment to our Academic Foundation Programmes is managed locally, following a process laid out by the UKFPO. For general information about Academic Foundation Programme recruitment please visit the UKFPO website.

For further information about the Academic Foundation training in Severn, please see our Academic Foundation Programmes page.

Stand-Alone Foundation Programme Vacancies

Stand-alone recruitment for both F1 and F2 Foundation Programme vacancies is managed nationally by the UKFPO. Please see our stand-alone information page for for further details about F1 and F2 vacancies in Severn included in this recruitment process.

Locum Appointments for Service (LAS)

There may be a limited number of stand-alone F1 and F2 level Locum Appointment for Service posts (LAS) available each year. These will be advertised and filled by the employing Trust, so queries should be directed to their Medical HR departments.  Posts will generally be advertised on NHS Jobs.