F2 Regional Teaching

Sim SuiteWelcome to Severn Foundation School’s F2 Regional Teaching programme.

Established in 2007, this innovative programme uses local faculty to deliver proven educational material as required by the Foundation Curriculum. It encourages foundation doctors to experience training as a member of the Foundation School, in addition to providing the opportunity to network, an important part of professional development.

Core F2 Training

All F2s must attend a minimum of 60 hours of teaching during the F2 year, of which 30 hours are core teaching and 30 hours are non-core.

Each Regional Teaching day counts as 6 hours unless otherwise specified and only specific in-house F2 Trust-based training and the Regional Teaching days listed on Maxcourse count towards this (this does not include ALS or other study days organised by you). The relative proportion of Regional to Trust training will vary depending on your Trust and also your availability during a given attachment e.g., it may be hard to attend Trust teaching during Emergency Department shift work.

We encourage you to take advantage of as many Regional days as you are able, as this will help you achieve the minimum of 60 hours, as well as providing a day off-site for bleep-free, protected training with fellow F2s from the region.

You should still attend all appropriate training opportunities provided within your Trust such as Grand Rounds, departmental meeting, x-ray and MDT meetings, however, these do not count as 'core teaching'.

Attendance and Study Leave

The programme uses days from the study leave allocation. Study Leave needs to be agreed and booked prior to booking onto courses. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis and bookings must be made via Maxcourse.

For face-to-face courses, please check the start time for each course and plan your journey accordingly – don’t forget to utilise the car-share facility found under “My courses” on your Maxcourse account.

You must ensure you sign the register to confirm your attendance. After the course, once the online feedback form has been completed, your certificate will be released on Maxcourse so you can save and upload them onto your ePortfolio.

Please note:

It is crucial that you attend a minimum of 60 hours training. This is carefully scrutinised at your ARCP and is a pre-requisite for being signed off. Therefore, please monitor your hours carefully as we won't be able to sign you off without this minimum attendance.

Non-attendance to any regional days after booking onto the course without a good reason will be fed back to your Educational Supervisor to be discussed at your ARCP. Please ensure that your email address is up to date at all times.