Study Leave Application Process

How to apply for study leave time to attend ALS/eALS, Taster Days, F2 Regional Teaching, Other Courses/Conferences.


Foundation Doctor downloads Study Leave application form from Foundation School Website or obtains form from Foundation/Postgrad team at Trust.

2. Foundation doctor completes and submits form to Educational Supervisor/Rota Registrar/Rota Administrator for approval (requires authorised signature)
3. Foundation doctor submits completed and signed form to Trust Foundation Coordinator/Postgrad team.

Trust Foundation Coordinator/Postgrad team verifies request is linked to PDP and where appropriate submits to Foundation Programme Director (FPD) for approval.
FPD approval is not required for taster days. All other SL requests will need to be approved by the FPD.


Foundation Programme Director authorises that the course is appropriate for foundation doctor (under guidance from Foundation School).
Under some circumstances, the FPD might forward study leave applications to the Foundation School Director for approval.

6. Trust postgrad team records study leave and notifies applicant of outcome, enclosing information about claiming for reimbursement if funding has been agreed in addition to SL time.

Study Leave Expense Claim Process

Each trust processes expense reimbursements differently. Please check with your Trust postgrad team BEFORE attending a course or event for information on how to claim back expenses. Funding cannot be approved retrospectively.

Foundation doctors are required to submit itemised receipts and proof of attendance when claiming expenses.

Overseas Study Leave Application Process

The process to apply for overseas study leave is different. Please see regional guidance here: 

As overseas study leave applications in Foundation require Head of School approval, foundation doctors submit the overseas study leave application form to their Trust, which will forward to the Foundation School. If the Head of School approves, foundation doctors will submit the application in line with the linked regional guidance.