Study Leave Application Process

How to apply for study leave time to attend ALS/eALS, Taster Days, F2 Regional Teaching, Other Courses/Conferences.


Foundation Doctor downloads Study Leave application form from Foundation School Website or obtains form from Foundation/Postgrad team at Trust.

2. Foundation doctor completes and submits form to Clinical Supervisor/Rota Registrar/Rota Administrator for approval (requires authorised signature)
3. Foundation doctor submits completed and signed form to Trust Foundation Coordinator/Postgrad team.

Trust Foundation Coordinator/Postgrad team verifies request is linked to PDP and where appropriate submits to Foundation Programme Director (FPD) for approval.
FPD approval is not required for ALS/e-ALS or F2 Regional Teaching. All other SL requests will need to be approved by the FPD.

5. Foundation Programme Director authorises that the course is appropriate for foundation doctor (under guidance from Foundation School)
6. If approved by FPD, the SL Application form, together with any supporting documentation, is forwarded to the Foundation School for approval

Foundation School checks that all required approvals have been obtained, and where appropriate submits to the Foundation School Director (FSD) for final approval.
All requests for funding for other courses/conferences are reviewed by the FSD.

8. Foundation School records study leave on database, and notifies applicant of outcome, enclosing Expense Claim form if funding has been agreed in addition to SL time.

Study Leave Expense Claim Process

How to apply for Study Leave Expenses if funding has been agreed by the Foundation School Director.


After study leave has been taken, foundation doctor completes an Expense Claim Form (supplied by the Foundation School when funding is approved)

Please note:

  • The claim form must be accompanied by original receipts and proof of attendance.
  • The expense claim must link to a corresponding Study Leave Application - foundation doctors are only eligible to claim fees or travel for prospectively approved, authorised courses.
  • Claim forms, receipts and proof of attendance must be received within three months of the course having taken place.
2. Expense claim form, together with supporting documentation, is forwarded to Foundation School for approval.

Foundation School cross-references claim against Study Leave database to:

  • Check that Study Leave was applied for in advance of the course date
  • Determine what funding has been agreed by the FSD.

Foundation School records claim on database, forwards to HEE Finance department for processing, and confirms to foundation doctor that claim has been processed.

Asking about funding in advance of applying for Study Leave

The Foundation School often receives funding queries from foundation doctors before they book study leave with their department in order to attend a course or conference. 

The Foundation School is happy to receive these queries, and will sometimes agree funding in principle, but this does not supersede the Study Leave application process. This means that funding is not guaranteed unless the above process is followed and the Study Leave application has the appropriate approvals at Trust level prior to the course/conference taking place. Retrospective Study Leave applications will not be considered even if funding in principle has been agreed in advance.