New/Revised Foundation Programmes


These criteria have been determined in accordance with the educational objectives stated in the GMC standards for training. In future all programmes will be required to meet these standards.

General Essential Criteria

Components of a high quality Foundation Training Programme:

  • Appropriate induction
  • A learning agreement signed by the Foundation trainee, and educational supervisor
  • Access to an educational programme which is relevant, learner centred and patient based
  • Proper clinical supervision at all times
  • Systematic clinical training which includes first hand experience of a range of general procedures as well as those which are specialty specific
  • The necessary educational and clinical supervision including regular structured feedback on performance
  • A sense of being a valued member of the team
  • A detailed job description and a contract of employment, providing information about hours of work, time for rest and study and the available educational and pastoral facilities
  • The contract of employment and the job description should be issued no later than the date of taking up the appointment
  • Access to careers advice
  • Access to counselling services/occupational health services as appropriate
  • Satisfactory accommodation which conforms to nationally agreed standards
  • The existence of arrangements to secure personal safety
  • Access to proper catering facilities whenever they are on duty
  • Minimal expectations of undertaking tasks of no educational value
  • Availability of senior experienced colleagues.

Specific Desirable Criteria

  • A sound educational rationale for specific programme
  • Consistent educational messages delivered by all relevant educators
  • Developed mechanisms for involving Foundation trainees in planning and delivering their educational requirements
  • Rotas must be EWTD compliant
  • Foundation trainees should not be responsible for more than 30 patients
  • Innovative rotations must include a sound educational rationale and a monitoring process to assess the success of the programmes for Foundation Trainees, patients and other members of the health care team.
  • Planned and co-ordinated curriculum delivery

New FP Application Form

Revised FP Application Form