Severn Foundation School Timeline (F2)


To Be Completed for Every Placement

  • Induction form


  • Induction/Initial meeting with Clinical Supervisor
  • Initial meeting with Educational Supervisor, including discussion of educational agreement for first placement
  • End of placement meeting with Clinical Supervisor
  • End of placement meeting with Educational Supervisor (can be combined with initial meeting for second and third placements)

Supervised Learning Events

  • 2 x CBD (6 in total)*


  • Clinical Supervisor report (3 in total)
  • Educational Supervisor report (3 in total)

To Be Completed During the Year

  • Equality and Diversity training – by end of first placement **
  • Curriculum competency completion
  • Summary of evidence presented form
  • Probity and Health declarations
  • Advanced Life Support (or equivalent) certificate
  • Evidence of involvement in Clinical Audit or Quality Improvement Project
  • Developing the Clinical Teacher assessment form


  • Record of In Programme Progress (RIPP) (Severn equivalent of ‘Mid Year Review of Progress’) - recommended
  • Educational Supervisor End of Year report

Supervised Learning Events

  • 9 x Direct observations of doctor/patient encounters (DOPS and mini-CEX, of which at least 6 must be mini-CEX) *
  • 1 satisfactory TAB round, including self TAB*


  • Careers management


  • GMC Trainee survey (March - May)
  • UKFPO Career Destination survey (June - July)


  • ARCP

* Minimum requirement
** Unless completed during past two years