Severn Foundation School Trainee Timeline (F1) 


To Be Completed for Every Placement

  • Induction form


  • Induction/Initial meeting with Clinical Supervisor
  • Initial meeting with Educational Supervisor, including discussion of educational agreement for first placement
  • End of placement meeting with Clinical Supervisor
  • End of placement meeting with Educational Supervisor (can be combined with initial meeting for second and third placements)

Supervised Learning Events

  • 2 x CBD (6 in total)*


  • Clinical Supervisor report (3 in total)
  • Educational Supervisor report (3 in total) 

To Be Completed During the Year

  • Equality and Diversity training – by end of first placement
  • Curriculum competency completion
  • Summary of evidence presented form
  • Probity and Health declarations
  • Intermediate Life Support (or equivalent) certificate
  • Evidence of involvement in Clinical Audit or Quality Improvement Project
  • Pre-F2 Transfer of Information form **
  • Developing the Clinical Teacher assessment form


  • Record of In Programme Progress (RIPP) (Severn equivalent of ‘Mid Year Review of Progress’) - recommended
  • Educational Supervisor End of Year report

Supervised Learning Events

  • 9 x Direct observations of doctor/patient encounters (DOPS and mini-CEX, of which at least 6 must be mini-CEX) *
  • 1 satisfactory TAB round, including self TAB*


  • Careers management


  • GMC trainee survey


  • ARCP

* Minimum requirement
** Trainees staying in Severn for F2


 ARCP Timeline for Foundation Year 1 Doctors (2018).

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 5th, 11th, 12th June
North Bristol NHS Trust Between 4th-15th June (Excluding Wednesday's)
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust 14th, 21st June
Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 12th June
Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust 7th June
Weston Area Health NHS Trust 7th, 8th June
Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 12th June
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust 22nd June