• Can foundation training be undertaken on a part time basis?

    All doctors in training are eligible to apply for Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training. They must be able to show that full time training would not be practical for them, with well founded reasons. Applicants should apply for the Foundation Programme in the normal way, then for LTFT Training.

  • Will foundation doctors be permitted to apply to undertake F2 overseas?

    Currently we allow F2 to be undertaken overseas (subject to approval). We do not currently limit the number of approvals for F2 Overseas. In the past five years, between 1 and 4 foundation doctors per year have undertaken F2 Overseas.

    More information on F2 Overseas.

  • Can doctors in training take a year out between F1 and F2?

    Yes, we allow Time Out of Foundation Programme (subject to approval). Reasons for taking TOFP include domestic reasons, health reasons, personal reasons, work or travel overseas. Please consult our current guidance. If a foundation doctor wishes to take TOFP, they should discuss this with their Educational Supervisor and Foundation Programme Director in the first instance.

    If TOFP is agreed, a foundation doctor has the right to return to the Severn Foundation School to complete their Foundation Programme the following August. We will guarantee an F2 post, but will not be able to guarantee the original allocation of Trust or programme. In order to take up the offer of a guaranteed F2 post, the foundation doctor must inform the Foundation School of their intention to return at least six months in advance. If they fail to do this, they will not be allocated an F2 post and will have to apply for stand alone vacancies in open competition.

    For more information please consult the Foundation Programme Reference Guide (para 3.91-3.115).

  • Can doctors in training move between deaneries/foundation schools?

    Yes, providing they meet the national criteria. Please see the national Foundation Programme website for Inter Foundation School Transfer guidance and application form. If a foundation doctor wishes to apply for a foundation school transfer, they should discuss this with their Educational Supervisor and Foundation Programme Director in the first instance. An application will be successful only if the foundation doctor has satisfied both deaneries that they meet the national criteria; and there are places available in the receiving foundation school.

  • What should a foundation doctor do if they wish to withdraw/resign from a post?

    Please consult our resignation policy.