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Foundation School Bulletin

Information Bulletin – 20/03/2019

This is your weekly information bulletin for the Severn Foundation School. The content of these bulletins will be local and national courses and information relevant to foundation trainees which will vary from week to week. If you would like to contribute to the bulletin please contact

F2 Regional Teaching

All F2 trainees must do a minimum of 4 Regional Teaching Days, 2 of which have to be both Clinical Skills and Human Factors. To find out what other Regional Teaching courses are available to you, please click here to access our MaxCourse Regional Teaching Booking System.


Professional Support Unit - Fatigue Education Resources

Following the traumatic death of an anaesthetic trainee who was returning home after a night shift, the Fatigue Group supported by the Association of Anaesthetists, RCoA and FICM have surveyed UK trainees about shift working and fatigue. With a 60% response rate, the survey highlights a wide variation in access to rest facilities, commuting distances and concerning effects of fatigue on trainees. Fatigue self-assessment and fatigue risk management are not familiar steps in routine daily practice. This is due in part to a lack of awareness about the causes and effects of fatigue and limited education opportunities. It is also due to working culture where openness about fatigue and tiredness is not encouraged and collective responsibility for staff wellbeing is poorly developed. Using the results from the survey, the Fatigue Group have developed resources designed to enhance individuals’ knowledge and understanding and to support the culture change required within departments and organisations. To reduce variation in practice and to better manage expectations, standards have been defined for rest facilities and rest culture at work and individual responsibilities both within and outside of the workplace. These provide a platform to support local audit and quality improvement activity. Work continues with on-line education materials available on the Association of Anaesthetists fatigue webpage and the FICM website, which also contains links to articles of interest on the subject. Please find a copy of the standards and accompanying explanatory notes enclosed. If you have any questions please contact if you are in anaesthesia or contact if you are in critical care.

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UKFPO Weekly Bulletin

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