F2, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

What programme are you doing? Trauma & Ortho, O&G, General Practice
Why did you pick this Trust? I didn’t. I ranked this job as approx my 200th choice in order of preference.
What's the area like? Wonderful, I have been really happy here and would like to stay within the severn deanery to continue my training
What's the best thing about your Trust? It is a small friendly hospital and generally everyone is very supportive
And the worst? There are a few departments where do you not necessarily get all the learning experience required as it is a small hospital
What advice would you give someone about to start in your Trust? Enjoy it and make the most of the opportunities that come up
What's the typical patient profile? In O&G you get a variety of patients from different social backgrounds, but ethnic background is generally white British
Describe your job in one word Onwards