General information about how foundation training is organised at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Teaching information

Foundation Teaching is held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for F1s & F2s.

All Foundation curriculum teaching sessions are held in the Academy.

Foundation doctors will be expected to maintain their personal e-portfolio.  This is to ensure they record their competences and development. Foundation Doctors are required to meet the Deanery requirement of at least 60 hours of local and regional teaching. 

Foundation doctors are encouraged to attend departmental and ward teaching where possible. 

Communication within the trust environment is carried out via email so a reliable email address is essential.

Educational and Clinical supervision

The foundation doctors will have a designated educational supervisor per 12 months and a clinical supervisor for each placement.

Terms and Conditions of employment

Your appointment will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff (England and Wales) as amended from time to time.   Current copies of these Terms and conditions may be seen in the Personnel Office. 

All staff appointments are made subject to the receipt of satisfactory references and all initial appointments to the national health service are made subject to the NHS Employers Check Standards. A medical examination may be necessary on initial appointment and periodically thereafter.

Rotation information

Full information about the rotation, location and content of placements is given in accompanying documents (Programme List and Placement Descriptions)


The salary scale is in accordance with the current national rate and placement within the scale will be in accordance with previous reckonable service.

Annual leave

Foundation doctors are entitled to leave at the rate of five weeks per year and this should be arranged in conjunction with their Consultant/Divisional leave coordinator and booked on the appropriate form, giving as much notice as possible, i.e at least 6 weeks.  Annual leave is recorded on a five-day week basis. 

It is a condition of your appointment that you take leave due to you during each part of any rotation – carry over from one part of the rotation to another will not be permitted.  Any leave which you need to forward book during the next part of a rotation must be authorised by the Consultant / Divisional leave co-ordinator under whom you will be working during that part of the rotation. 

F1 and F2 doctors are entitled to 27 days annual leave in the year. 

The 27 days entitlement does not include the 8 statutory holidays. If a foundation doctor works any part of a bank holiday they are entitled to an additional days leave in lieu.

In some specialties there is some restriction on when a foundation doctor can take their leave during the 4 months (e.g. not on their ‘hot week’ for surgery). The individual directorates will inform the foundation doctor of any specific restrictions on when they can take leave. 

For General Practice placements, the foundation doctor is required to book their leave at least 6 weeks in advance via the relevant Practice Manager. 

Visa/Work permits/Leave to remain

The Trust will consider British /EEA nationals for appointment in the first instance. If the applicant is a non-resident of the United Kingdom or European Economic Union, they are required to have a valid work visa and leave to remain in the UK, which is renewed as required. The Trust is unable to employ or continue to employ the applicant/post holder if they require but do not have a valid work visa and/or leave to remain in the UK.

Accommodation & Parking

To enquire about Hospital Accommodation, please email 

Staff can apply to Q-Park at a rate of ~£40/month.