F1, Great Western Hospital

What programme are you doing? Urology, Paediatrics, AAU (F1)
General Surgery, GP, Cardiology (F2)
Why did you pick this Trust? Convenience of the location for my partner and I, new and nice hospital
What's the area like? Swindon town has its pros and cons, countryside surrounding it is beautiful. Good transport links to London, Oxford, Bath and Bristol
What's the best thing about your Trust? Nice clean hospital, friendly working environment
And the worst? If you live in the accommodation it is a few miles into town
What advice would you give someone about to start in your Trust? Make an effort to get to know the staff you are working with, they will be there to support you. Especially the other F1’s as you are a way out from town and thus a little effort has to be made to socialise
What's the typical patient profile? A wide range but it’s a DGH so don’t often get to see the weird and wonderful diseases
Describe your job in one word Enjoyable