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Sethina Watson and Helen Burt, two Severn LTFT Foundation Trainees, conducted a national survey of LTFT trainees in 2012. A summary of the results can be downloaded here:

LTFT Survey 2012

Their poster, which was presented at the UKFPO/MEE/Northern Deanery Careers Conference on 11 September 2012, can be downloaded here:

LTFT Poster

A link to the published article in 'Medical Woman Magazine' Volume 33, Issue 2, Autumn/Winter 2014 (pages 26/27)

On Being Less Than


BMJ Quality Improvement


  • A novel approach to Junior Doctor Induction: A near-peer based curriculum developed and delivered by outgoing Foundation year doctors (Kittiya Sukcharoen, Matthew Everson)

BMJ Quality Improvement Reports 2013/14 (various authors)


Medical Teacher


  • Prepared for practice? A national survey of UK foundation doctors and their supervisors (C van Hamel,
    L Jenner)



BMJ Practical Neurology


  • Using an Option Grid in shared decision making (Robert P Seal (F2 North Bristol), Jeremy Kynaston, Glyn Elwyn, Philip E M Smith) 

BMJ Quality & Safety Publication May 2013

Article and Toll free link

  • Engaging all doctors in continuous quality improvement: a structured, supported programme for first-year doctors across a training deanery in England (Rob Bethune, Eleanor Soo, Patricia Woodhead, Clare van Hamel, Joanne Watson)

Clinical Teacher Journal

  • Early specialty courses and the spiral of learning (P J McElnay (F2 UH Bristol))

European Journal of Surgical Oncology Vol. 39, Issue 5, Page 494

Abstract - Catherine King

  • Intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer: Is it suitable for Tanzania? (Catherine King (F1 RUH Bath), Richard Bamford, Michael Douek)




London Trauma Conference, London, 4-7th December 2012

Event Details

Dr Leopold Salm (F2 doctor at North Bristol Trust), formed part of the organising faculty for the London Trauma Conference, incorporating the London Cardiac Arrest Symposium, London Air Ambulance Symposium, Pre-Hospital Care/Major Incidents and the Main Trauma Conference.

Publications from the conference:

  • Trauma 2012: Salm L and Hommers CE.
  • New Concepts in Trauma Practice. Salm L and Hommers CE.