Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP)

Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) have been developed to support specific areas of the UK that have historically found it difficult to attract and retain doctors in training through the foundation and specialty recruitment processes. The main aim is to maximise the opportunity for applicants who wish to be located in less popular areas and therefore improve supply for specialty training and beyond. As part of this process, applicants have the opportunity to rank individual priority programmes that have been determined by a specific location as part of the application form. Successful applicants will be offered specific programmes prior to national allocation to foundation schools.

For 2023 Severn is offering 27 Foundation Priority Programmes at Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Leadership - 24 Programmes

24 Priority Programmes will have a Leadership-themed incentive attached to the F1 year. All FPP-appointed FY1s will be given the opportunity to participate in the Foundation Leadership and Management (FLM) apprentice programme. This is a year-long programme to improve leadership skills with leadership accreditation. To be eligible for this FPP programme, you must have an eligible residency status. Please refer to page 113 of the Apprenticeship Funding Rules.

Please see the full Programme list for details of the rotations - the Programme preference numbers are below.

SEV/RA4F101/RA4F206/001 SEV/RA4F103/RA4F203/007 SEV/RA4F105/RA7F203/013 SEV/RA4F108/RA4F208/022
SEV/RA4F101/RA4F206/002 SEV/RA4F103/RA4F203/008 SEV/RA4F105/RA7F203/014 SEV/RA4F108/RA4F208/023
SEV/RA4F101/RA4F206/003 SEV/RA4F103/RA4F203/009 SEV/RA4F105/RA7F203/015 SEV/RA4F108/RA4F208/024
SEV/RA4F102/RD1F202/004 SEV/RA4F104/RD1F208/010 SEV/RA4F106/RA7F204/016 SEV/RA4F109/RA7F201/025
SEV/RA4F102/RD1F202/005 SEV/RA4F104/RD1F208/011 SEV/RA4F106/RA7F204/017 SEV/RA4F109/RA7F201/026
SEV/RA4F102/RD1F202/006 SEV/RA4F104/RD1F208/012 SEV/RA4F106/RA7F204/018 SEV/RA4F109/RA7F201/027

Medical Education - 3 Programmes

3 Priority Programmes will have a Medical Education-themed incentive attached the the F2 year, in addition to the the leadership incentive for the F1 year (as above). During FY2 successful applicants will:

  • have a rostered afternoon per week (pro rata) to develop their educational leadership skills, supervised by the Foundation Programme Director
  • be actively involved in the postgraduate education department
  • attend the weekly medical education meeting and be involved in the education away days
  • take a lead role in the organisation and implementation of the F1 and F2 teaching programme as well as Grand rounds
  • have a strategic role in enhancing medical education throughout YDH with consideration made to running courses
  • complete a distance learning Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at Bristol University

Please see the full Programme list for details of the rotations - the Programme preference numbers are below.