Human Factors

Category: Foundation - F2 Regional Teaching Programme

Date: November 8th 2018

Location: Somerset Academy, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton TA1 5DA

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Open to current F2s only.

Human Factors


To introduce the principle of Human Factors and demonstrate how these are relevant to the medical practice of junior doctors.

Learning Objectives:

Decision Making:
Identify factors that influence decision-making in the clinical setting.

Describe the key components of good teamworking and apply this to clinical practice.
Demonstrate effective teamworking by working within a group to plan, develop and perform a short presentation.

Situational Awareness:
Discuss the importance of situational awareness using clinical cases to illustrate potential pitfalls

Recognise communication ‘tools’ that can be used to improve communication in the clinical setting.
Demonstrate an understanding of effective communication in small group tasks and discussion.

At the end of the training day F2s will be expected to produce a ‘Human Factors Card’. This will consist of 4 bullet points, titled: Decision Making, Teamworking, Situational Awareness and Communication. Under each bullet point they will complete one action that they will take back to their clinical practice. This will serve as formative assessment of the learning.

Severn’s F2 Regional Teaching Programme was established in 2007 and encourages foundation trainees to experience training as part of the Foundation School. The programme enables us to use faculty members who are keen to deliver proven educational material as required by the Foundation Curriculum.

The Regional Teaching Programme also offers an opportunity for trainees to network, which has always been recognised as an important part of professional development. The programme culminates with an Innovation Day offering foundation trainees at F1 and F2 level the opportunity to present their work and receive regional recognition.

The programme uses days from the study leave allocation.  Study Leave needs to be agreed and booked prior to booking onto courses.

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