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Public Health as a Career Event - North

May 21st 2019

9:30am until 1:30pm

Room 9, Level 1 Park House, 1200 Parkway, Bristol

BS34 8YU

End of Life Care

May 24th 2019

Postgraduate Medical Centre, Department B20, Royal United Hospital Bath


Foundation Teaching Skills

May 28th 2019

Musgrove Park Academy, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton


Quality Improvement and Patient Safety - Quality & Innovation - Achieving Excellence in Health Care

June 21st 2019

Taunton Conference Centre at Taunton RFC Commsplus Stadium Hyde Lane Taunton Somerset United Kingdom


South West Public Health Open Evening

September 26th 2019

5:15pm until 7:00pm

1st Floor Park House 1200 Bristol Parkway North Newbrick Road Bristol

BS34 8YU