Anatomy Revision - Abdo/Pelvis Anatomy

Category: Foundation - F2 Regional Teaching Programme

Date: December 7th 2018 8:30am until 4:30pm

Location: Vesalius Clinical Training Unit, Centre for Applied Anatomy, University of Bristol, Southwell Street, Bristol BS2 8EJ

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Open to current F2s only.

Anatomy Revision

Each of the five separate revision days will offer a different regional anatomy teaching course tailored to the junior trainee. These days will offer good anatomy revision for all foundation year 2 trainees, and are likely to be of particular interest to trainees with a future surgical career in mind. The study days will encompass a mixture of lecture presentations and two hour anatomy revision sessions using prosections, osteological and radiology resources. It is an interactive day without handouts, and you may wish to prepare a little in advance with a good anatomy textbook or website to read around the region being studied on the day.

You must arrive promptly ready to start at 09:00 at the University of Bristol Centre for Applied Anatomy on Southwell Street (BS2 8EJ) and enquire at the porters’ lodge for the Vesalius Clinical Training Unit. Please read the attached Health & Safety documentation regarding your attire and conduct on the day. You will be required to sign a disclosure agreement when you attend.

Anatomy of the Abdomen/Pelvis

  • Revision
    • Anatomy of the GI tract, hepatobiliary and urogenital systems
  • Lectures
    • GI anatomy in practice: anatomy for safe abdominal procedures
    • Anatomy in obstetrics and gynaecology

Severn’s F2 Regional Teaching Programme was established in 2007 and encourages foundation trainees to experience training as part of the Foundation School. The programme enables us to use faculty members who are keen to deliver proven educational material as required by the Foundation Curriculum.

The Regional Teaching Programme also offers an opportunity for trainees to network, which has always been recognised as an important part of professional development. The programme culminates with an Innovation Day offering foundation trainees at F1 and F2 level the opportunity to present their work and receive regional recognition.

The programme uses days from the study leave allocation. Study Leave needs to be agreed and booked prior to booking onto courses.

Please note the booking system is currently offline, all F2's will be notified when it is back up and running. In the meantime, please provisionally book your study leave in anticipation, and register to attend below. Registered attendees will have their booking transferred to the new system, otherwise, bookings will be first come first served.