Posted January 29th 2021 (1 month ago)

Foundation School Bulletin

New e-learning session added - Freedom to Speak Up in the Health Sector in England

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH), in partnership with the National Guardian Office, has added a second session to the Freedom to Speak Up in the Health Sector in England e-learning programme.

The online training programme, which launched its first session in October 2020, is aimed at anyone who works in healthcare regardless of their contract terms.

The programme helps learners understand the vital role they can play and the support available to encourage a healthy speaking up culture which protects patient safety and enhances workers experience.

The latest session, Listen Up, which is aimed at managers at all levels, focuses on listening and the barriers to speaking up. It comprises the following topics:
• Fostering a speak up, listen up culture
• Supporting speaking up and listening well
• Perceptions of yourself and others and understanding conflicts of interest
• Welcoming feedback as a gift.

It complements the first session, Speak Up, which gives an overview of speaking up and why it matters for all workers.

The third session, Follow Up, is aimed at all senior leaders including executive board members (and equivalents), non-executive directors, and governors to help them understand their role in setting the tone for a good speaking up culture and how speaking up can promote organisational learning and improvement which will be available soon.

These modules will replace the current Freedom to Speak Up training.
For more information on the programme, including details on how to access, please visit the Freedom to Speak Up programme page.

National Trainee Engagement Forum Representative

Dear Doctor,

Below is an introductory message from Rhiannon Ions, explaining their role as representative for the South West at the National Trainee Engagement Forum:

Hello everyone,

I’m Rhiannon, a trainee in the South West. I’ve recently become involved with the National Trainee Engagement Forum set up by Health Education England.

The purpose of this forum is to establish a network where doctors in training are engaged and involved with medical education policy and reform. The aim of the forum is to connect a national network of trainees who are able to act as a sustained focus group for HEE. These meetings will also act as a forum where issues pertinent to trainees can also be discussed. Overall, the purpose is to improve trainee experience by involving junior doctors.

The forum is a link between HEE and local trainee representative groups. In the South West we have a Speciality Training Committee (STC) which meets on a 6 weekly basis and is chaired by Geoff Smith, our Postgraduate Dean. The meeting comprises representatives from each specialty across both Severn and Peninsula and is an opportunity for discussing issues that affect us as trainees. My role will be to attend the STC meetings and then act as a link between the South West and the national forum. This will involve communicating issues that affect us in the South West at a national level as well as disseminating information from HEE.

I wanted to introduce myself and to explain my role and to say that, although the NTEF advocates that trainees follow conventional pathways to raise issues i.e., via their supervisors, their STC reps etc, if there is an issue which you feel has not been addressed, or you don’t know who to approach then please get in touch directly with me.

I feel very fortunate to have been offered this position and I look forward to helping improve our experiences as trainees.

Anaesthetics CT2b/HEE Support Faculty Fellow

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