Posted July 8th 2020 (1 year ago)

Foundation School Bulletin

RCPath/BDIAP Foundation and Undergraduate Taster Event

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Calling all Medical Undergraduates and Foundation Doctors.....The joint RCPath/BDIAP Foundation and Undergraduate Taster Event - pathology through a COVID lens is an exciting opportunity for you to explore pathology and see what the career has to offer! This virtual programme will be delivered with a mixture of specialty-specific sound bite videos from a variety of consultants and trainees, followed by a live virtual session held Tuesday, 21st July at 7pm via Zoom. And it is free to register!!!


Attendees will have the opportunity to explore;

  • What pathology actually is and why it is important 
  • What the training involves
  • The variety of opportunities that are available for trainees to pursue e.g. teaching, molecular and digital pathology
  • Advice about the application process and how to be successful at the interview
  • How to pursue academic and research opportunities in pathology 

 Consultants and trainees will also showcase their specialty and how important it has been in the fight against COVID-19:

  • Histopathology through a COVID lens: findings at post-mortem
  • Microbiology/Infection training through a COVID lens – information about the virus and different forms of testing
  • Haematology through a COVID lens – thrombotic complications & role of blood transfusion services in producing convalescent plasma for trials
  • Chemical Pathology through a COVID lens – biochemical changes associated with the infection
  • Immunology through a COVID lens – understanding the immune response to the virus and antibody testing

If you have been considering applying for specialist training in pathology and would like to know more about the different specialties, make sure you register for this event to explore the exciting opportunities that our pathology specialties have to offer you!

For questions about this event please contact the Events Department on


Top Tips for New Doctors

Online - Tuesday 28th July

This event is designed to provide you with tips and advice for your first year as a new doctor. As many of you will already be gaining valuable experience of working on the ward, we hope this event will provide some extra insight for your first year. The programme features three speakers with a personal knowledge of this important milestone in becoming a doctor.

18.30: Top tips for FY1s - Dr Christopher Holt, Foundation Year 2 Doctor, NHS Lothian

19.00: Managing the acutely unwell patient - Dr Danielle Jeffreys, Clinical Teaching Fellow & ST4 in Respiratory Medicine, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness

19.30: Transitioning from student to doctor: top tips for keeping a healthy work life balance - Dr Patrice Baptiste, Portfolio General Practitioner, London

20.15: Close

For more information and to book your place, please visit our Events Calendar.


West of England Academy QI Summer Series

The West of England AHSN are hosting a series of five online workshops from 29 July to 26 August. Free to attend for any role at any level, each 2-hour session is standalone so you can join individual sessions or the whole series.  Register now.

The summer series will showcase the basic theory of Quality Improvement (QI) and help you apply your learning. Led by the AHSN’s Academy team alongside guest speakers. Topics include stakeholder mapping, liberating structures, driver diagrams and model for improvement.

Each workshop will be highly interactive, so you can gain hands-on practise in real world scenarios. The workshops will be beneficial to anyone regardless if you are working on a specific QI project. If you encounter challenges in your role (or outside work), and want to consider how these can be tackled, these sessions will help. Find out more and book here.

The West of England Academy offers a wide range of free resources to healthcare professionals and innovators across the region. To find out more, visit our  website or email