F2 Placement Swaps Process (2020-21 only)

Following the national decision taken as part of the COVID-19 response to stop trainees from rotating in April, the Foundation School recognises that some current F1 trainees may feel they have missed out on certain educational opportunities or that their programme is now unbalanced.

To attempt to redress these issues it has been agreed that a special one-off placement swaps process will be run for current F1 trainees entering F2 in Severn in August 2020.

The process will be based on the following principles:

  1. Placement swaps will only be facilitated within the allocated Trust. Requests to change Trust will not be considered.
  2. Only placements 2 (Dec20-Apr21) and 3 (Apr21-Aug21) will be eligible for swaps. Because of the requirements of the Code of Practice, Placement 1 (Aug20-Dec20) is fixed.
  3. A swap will not be facilitated if it results in a repeated specialty.
  4. By requesting a swap, trainees agree to put their existing allocated placement(s) into the pool. If a swap is approved, the trainee must accept the swap – they cannot change their mind because their own placement may have been allocated to another trainee.
  5. If a swap is not possible, the applicant will keep their original allocated F2 placements.
  6. Once the swaps application window has closed, submitted requests cannot be withdrawn. Swaps of placements cannot be made outside of the School’s official process.
  7. The process will be carried out centrally by the foundation school and applicants will be randomised.

It is important to note that the ability of the school to facilitate any placement swaps may be limited. It will depend on the placement(s) put into the pool by an applicant matching the request of another applicant and so on.

Academic Foundation Trainees

Academic trainees are eligible to apply, however, due to the nature of the programme it will not be possible to swap the academic block, and it will only be possible to swap clinical blocks between acaedmic trainees.

LTFT Trainees

LTFT trainees are eligible to apply, however, it is recommended that they contact their Foundation Programme Director at their Trust in the first instance. In this process it will only be possible to swap placements with another LTFT trainee.

Closing Date

The deadline for submitting your placement swap application is 12:00 midday on Thursday 4th June 2020. If you change your mind and wish to withdraw your application, you will need to notify the Foundation School before the closing date, as the swaps process will be run as soon as possible after the application window closes.

If you have any queries, or wish to withdraw, please email the Foundation School.

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