Protocol for Academic Foundation Doctors (2017) – Clinical Shifts


Your Academic F1 year will be the same as any other F1 doctor.  The protocol below sets out the hours and banding that Academic F2s will be working throughout the whole of the year.  This takes into account the need to undertake your academic research projects alongside your wider educational requirements and service needs of the Trust.

Academic Placement

  • Academic F2s need to work clinical one day per week whilst in their Academic rotation in order to keep up with their F2 competencies. 
  • These clinical placements will be within AMU. 
  • The rota will be confirmed by the foundation program directors and rota coordinator nearer the anticipated start date.
  • This will involve:
    2 x weekends (9.00 – 22.00 Saturday and Sunday)
    12 x long days (9.00 – 22.00) on any Mondays –Thursdays

GP Placement/ GUM Placement

  • Whilst you are in GP practice you will need to complete your OOH commitment on a twilight shift and weekends:

2 twilight shifts (17.00 – 22.00) during the week
2 x weekends (9.00 – 22.00 Saturday and Sunday)

  • The clinical department will be AMU.

Other Clinical Placements

  • During other clinical placements (ie medicine/ surgery (T&O)/ psychiatry/ critical care/ paediatrics) will do their on-calls within their own specialty and will be paid a banding of 1b.

General information

These out of hours’ shifts will enable the Trust to pay you a 1B pay banding for the whole year.

  • During your two clinical placements you will have a day per week protected to continue your academic studies.  This day should be arranged in advance with the clinical team and will typically be fixed so that both the clinical and academic teams can plan around your availability.  It may be possible to aggregate these days into a block, for example to present a conference or because of an exceptional academic need to complete a study, but this will need to be agreed well in advance with the clinical / foundation teams and will be judged on a case by case basis. 
  • As per any rota, any swaps will need to be communicated to the rota coordinator and to HR. 
  • There may be occasions when you need sick leave on the day(s) that you are rostered to work. Please ensure that you notify the department and HR  of your sick leave 
  • Please ensure that the department have contact phone numbers/e mail addresses for you 
  • Finally, all rotations and banding are subject to change leading up to August 2017.  This is due to possible service re-configuration and service need.