Protocol for Academic F2s – Clinical Shifts

The protocol below sets out the details of the clinical placement you will undertake during your 4 month Academic post.  There will be no additional pay supplement available for Academic posts unless the placement requires Out of Hours (OOH) work.  If this is required the OHH scale on the 2016 NHS Employers T&Cs will apply.

Academic Placement

  • Academic F2s need to work clinical one day per week whilst in their Academic rotations in order to keep up with their F2 competencies.  
  • These clinical placements will be within AMU or Surgery at NBT.  The number of clinical placements available in these specialties will be confirmed in June prior to starting AF2.  Trainees can express which of these attachments they prefer but who will be allocated to which specialty will depend on a number of factors (i.e. number of places available, clinical need, rotations already undertaken) and the final decision on who is placed where will be that of the Foundation Yr 2 Programme Director. 
  • Swaps to other specialties in or outside the Trust will not be permitted. 
  • One weekday will be worked per week.   Details of day and hours to be worked will be confirmed by the clinical department.  Any OOH hours that may be required in this placement will be negotiated with you and paid for direct from the department. 

GP Placement 

  • There are no OOH requirements for this post but you may wish to take up additional locum shifts if available within the Trust.  These should not however impact upon the hours required in the GP practice or the work required for Academic projects.

Psychiatry Placement

  • Some Psychiatric posts do require OOH work and will be remunerated accordingly. 
  • In posts that do not have an OOH requirement you may wish to take up additional locum shifts if available within the Trust.  These should not however impact upon the hours required in the Psychiatry placement or the work required for Academic projects

Stroke and ITU Placement

  • Clinical rotations within Stroke Medicine and ITU will be set according to the needs of the rota.  Should OOH be required for these posts then you will be remunerated according. 

General information

  • During your two clinical placements you will have a day per week protected to continue your academic studies.  This day should be arranged in advance with the clinical team and will typically be fixed so that both the clinical and academic teams can plan around your availability.  It may be possible to aggregate these days into a block, for example to present a conference or because of an exceptional academic need to complete a study, but this will need to be agreed well in advance with the clinical / foundation teams and will be judged on a case by case basis. 
  • The dates and times when each academic F2 will work the shifts will be fixed at the beginning (preferably in advance) of each four month block.  The Rota Co-ordinator will confirm shifts.  You should make contact with the department in advance of your placement to ensure you are aware of which shifts you have been allocated. 
  • All requests for leave during your clinical placements will be managed by the departmental leave Co-ordinator following the Trust Managing Medical Workforce Absence policy.
  • Please ensure that the clinical department have contact phone numbers/e mail addresses for you 
  • Finally, all rotations, and terms and conditions are subject to change prior to the start of the F2 year due to possible service re-configuration and service needs.