F2 Regional Teaching - Human Factors - Teach the Teacher

Category: Foundation - F2 Regional Teaching Programme

Date: June 4th 2014

Location: UH Bristol Education Centre, Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol BS2 8AE

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Course objectives:
By the end of this session learners should be more familiar with...
  • What are "Human Factors"
  • Why are they relevant to clinical care?
  • The types of mistakes that can occur
  • How communication can break-down
  • Ways that you can improve your own performance in stressful situations
Module Lead: Dr Andrew McIndoe, Director BMSC

The programme uses days from the study leave allocation. Study leave will need to be agreed and booked prior to booking on to the courses. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Booking is via the MLE (Managed Learning Environment) system. For more information, see F2 MLE Booking Instructions.

Severn’s Regional F2 Teaching Programme encourages foundation trainees to experience training as part of the Foundation School, enabling us to use the faculty members who are keen to deliver proven educational material as required by the Foundation Curriculum and also offers an opportunity for trainees to network, an important part of professional development. The programme culminates with an Innovations Presentation day offering foundation trainees at F1 and F2 level the opportunity to present their work and receive regional recognition.