Study Leave Application Form (F1)

Study Leave Application Form (F2)


The Study Leave Policy has been designed to ensure that the management of Study Leave across the Severn Foundation School is in line with the national Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2016.

Whilst there is some diversity between Local Education Providers (LEPs) in the way in which training and education is delivered, the management of Study Leave must be within a common Foundation School framework, to ensure that trainees in different Trusts receive equal treatment.


  • This policy relates to trainees in foundation programmes within LEPs/Trusts in the Severn Foundation School.  It does not extend to trainees undertaking F2 overseas as there is no Study Leave entitlement for these trainees.  This is because the total Study Leave budget is determined by the number of local training posts; and because the trainee is an employee of a host organisation for F2 overseas, which has its own entitlements for leave and training.
  • F1 trainees have no Study Leave budget.  They do, however, have an entitlement of 15 days Study Leave - 5 days for Tasters (see below) and 10 days for regular scheduled teaching/training sessions within their Trust.
  • Each full-time F2 trainee is allocated a Study Leave budget of £275 and an entitlement of 30 days. The majority of this is allocated to regular scheduled teaching/training sessions within their Trust (10 days), taster sessions and ALS (or equivalent). The rest may be used for external courses, including the Regional Teaching Programme.
  • F2 trainees should attend a dedicated, structured core educational programme, as described in the "Curriculum for the Foundation Years in Postgraduate Education and Training". The sessions are to be held in protected time during the normal working day and must be bleep free. Foundation Year 2 doctors must be released for attendance.

  • Foundation doctors training less than full time are entitled to pro-rata access to study leave funding and time allocations.
  • Unless already completed, 2 days’ Study Leave should be allocated for Advanced Life Support (ALS) training in F2.  For those undertaking the e-ALS course, 1 of these days should be used for the associated e-learning, prior to the face-to-face session.  The LEP/Trust will fund the cost of ALS training for F2 trainees, except for £50, which is the registration fee payable to the Resuscitation Council.  This will be deducted centrally by the Foundation School from the trainee’s Study Leave budget.  It is expected that trainees will undertake their ALS training in a location approved by their Trust.  If trainees elect to undertake their ALS training in an alternative location, they will be responsible for self funding the course (except for the Resuscitation Council fee).
  • Tasters are primarily for trainees wishing to experience a specialty not in their Foundation Programme, and should normally be within the Severn Deanery area.

F1 trainees may take up to 5 days’ Study Leave for Tasters, normally during the final four months of F1.  The allocation for F1 Tasters cannot be transferred into F2, i.e. if the trainee chooses not to use 5 days’ Study Leave for Tasters during F1, then the leave will lapse, and the Study Leave allowance for F2 will remain at 30 days. 

F2 trainees may also use Study Leave for Tasters.

  • In addition to Tasters and ALS, Study Leave may be used either for Regional Teaching Programme sessions or any other course deemed appropriate by the trainee’s Foundation Programme Director.
  • Study leave should not be used to prepare for specialty examinations during foundation training but may be used to take a specialty examination (Foundation Programme Reference Guide 2012, para 8.33).  Therefore, Study Leave cannot be used to revise for or attend preparatory courses for specialty examinations.  The Study Leave budget cannot be used to fund specialty exam costs.
  • It is not possible to process a Study Leave expenses claim without an associated, prospectively approved application for Study Leave.  Even if no actual Study Leave is required (e.g. the activity is being attended during annual leave), if expenses are to be claimed, a signed Study Leave form should be submitted with ‘0’ entered under number of days applied for.

The authorisation of Study Leave will be based on the satisfaction of five distinct criteria:

  • Availability – that the trainee can be released from their normal place of work to attend the requested Study Leave activity.  Authorised by Clinical Supervisor/Rota Registrar/Rota Administrator
  • Relevance – that the chosen course of study/activity is of direct relevance to the trainee’s professional development.  Authorised by FP Director under guidance from the Foundation School
  • Learning Agreement – that an approved learning agreement or equivalent has been submitted to support the requested activity.  Usually this PDP will be recorded in the trainee’s e-Portfolio.  Authorised by FP Director
  • Eligibility – that the trainee has sufficient remaining Study Leave days to cover the requested activity.  Authorised by Foundation School
  • Funding – that the trainee has sufficient unallocated funding, within the defined limits, to cover the costs of the activity, or the trainee has agreed to self-fund the activity and has indicated this on the application form.  Authorised by Foundation School

The trainee should NOT assume that leave is authorised until written confirmation is received from the Foundation School

The Foundation School will be responsible for recording on Intrepid the Study Leave that has been taken, so that this can be monitored across the programme.


Study Leave Application Process Flow Chart 

  • Trainee obtains Foundation School Study Leave application form from Foundation School website or from LEP/Trust.  Only applications made on the correct form will be accepted/processed
  • Trainee completes and submits form to Clinical Supervisor/Rota Registrar/Rota Administrator for approval (requires authorised signature)
  • Trainee completes and submits form to Foundation Programme Director for approval (requires authorised signature)
  • Foundation Programme Director authorises that the course is appropriate for trainee (under guidance from Foundation School) and verifies that copy of learning agreement/personal development plan has been provided
  • Application form, together with any supporting documentation, is forwarded to Foundation School for approval 
    • FS checks all required signatures have been completed
    • FS checks against Study Leave days taken to date
    • FS checks against Study Leave budget taken to date
    • FS records on Intrepid Study Leave database if approved
  • Foundation School emails trainee confirming whether or not Study Leave has been approved, enclosing expenses claim form if appropriate
  • After Study Leave has been taken, trainee completes expenses claim form, to be accompanied by original receipts.  Trainees are only eligible to claim course fees or travel to prospectively approved, authorised courses.  Claim forms and receipts must be received within three months of the course having taken place
  • Claim form, together with supporting documentation, is forwarded to Foundation School for approval 
    • FS checks against Study Leave budget taken to date
    • FS records on Intrepid Study Leave database if approved
    • FS forwards to Finance department for processing if approved 

Study Leave Application Form (F1)

Study Leave Application Form (F2)