The F2 swaps process is now closed to applications.

F2 Swaps Application Form

F2 Swaps Process – Accompanying Notes

Broadening the Foundation Programme 2014, recommended that trainees should not repeat posts from the same specialty grouping within their 2 years and 80% of trainees must have a community placement. In order to meet these requirements, trainees are allocated to a 2 year fixed foundation programme which is matched to a compliant rotation i.e. one where the F2 programme is an appropriate balance with their F1 programme. The School recognises that this allocation of a 2 year programme restricts the choice of posts that trainees can have and, while our obligation is to provide each trainee with a generic programme in which they can achieve the outcomes of the curriculum, we are keen to improve trainees’ satisfaction with their programmes if possible.

The School’s ability to accommodate swaps will depend on matching swaps being identified and is subject to any resultant vacancies not impacting on patient safety. The School’s ability to accommodate swaps will be very limited due to its obligation to ensure that each trainee has a balanced rotation.


There are two options for types of F2 programme swap. If you choose more than 1 option, you will need to tell us which option you most prefer.

  1. You can apply for a swap of your F2 location e.g. you want to move from Gloucester to Swindon or Bath. You can stipulate whether you would swap to any compliant rotation or only one that contains certain specialties (which would reduce your chance of a swap). Priority for Special Circumstances (see below) would only apply to applications for a swap of F2 location regardless of the rotation i.e. if you are applying under special circumstances for a swap of location, you must be willing to accept any compliant rotation.
  2. You can apply to stay in your F2 location but swap your whole programme. You can stipulate whether you would swap to any compliant rotation or only one that contains certain specialties (which would reduce your chance of a swap). Priority for special circumstances would not apply.

NB: The more complicated or specific your preference, the less likely it will be accommodated.


Trainees wishing to change their F2 programme due to Special Circumstances will need to apply through the F2 Special Circumstances process.


Trainees, who entered the Severn Foundation School as linked applicants, will be treated as unlinked in the swaps process unless both indicate on their individual forms that they want to be treated as linked. If you were not originally a linked applicant but now want to be treated as linked for the F2 swaps process, you will both need to indicate that on your application forms.

Please understand that linking your application with someone else’s may reduce the chances of either of you achieving a swap of location.


Once the swaps process has closed, submitted requests cannot be withdrawn. Swaps of programme cannot be made outside of the School’s official process.

Application Form

Please download the F2 Swaps Application Form here.

Completed applications should be returned by email to:

Or post to:

Severn Foundation School
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